Commentary:Roswell that Ends Well (directors commentary)

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Commentary for
Roswell that Ends Well
Roswell that ends well.jpg
Production number3ACV19
On DVDSeason 3
Disc 4
& Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection
Standard commentaryTranscript
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
Rich Moore
Director, supervising director
Claudia Katz
Producer for Rough Draft Studios
Scott Vanzo
Director of computer graphics

Topics of Discussion

  • Track intends to discuss animation.
  • The Emmy for this episode was won between the recording of the previous commentary and this one.
  • Largest corona they've had to render.
  • Rich's episodes are always heavy on 3D.
  • The episode plays out so that any progress that is made is toward screen right and setbacks are to the left.
  • Roswell type stuff was mostly taken from the internet, Bill Morrison from Bongo Comics lent them some things that he had from a previous comic series.
  • Process of animating an episode discussed at length.
  • Everyone is very pleased by the explosion sequence.
  • Which bits the software does for them.
  • A picture of the empire state building is on the wall as an attempt to explain why Fry ended up in New York.
  • The tank makes it look like a movie.
  • Discussed the decoration of Mildred's house.
  • Various effects discussed.
  • Running overtime discussing a trick the animators played on each other during production of Crimes of the Hot.

Highlights / Quotes

    Scott Vanzo: I remember, like, that effect is all done in 3D and I remember Rich was trying to describe it to me and I was like...
    Rich Moore: What the hell are you talking about?
    Scott Vanzo: So a red thing is happening and a blue thing is happening and they somehow come together?

    Claudia Katz: We tried to go through the government but they were strangely uncooperative.

    Unknown: That's the Ten Commandments on the wall. I put them there because so many of them are broken in this episode.
    Matt Groening: Ones that are very rarely broken.


  • This commentary is exceedingly long, which has the effect of causing the DVD, when other audio tracks are used, to produce no audio or video for a few minutes after the episode.