Commentary:Where No Fan Has Gone Before

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Commentary for
Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Where No Fan Has Gone Before.jpg
Production number4ACV11
On DVDSeason 4
Disc 3
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
David A. Goodman
Pat Shinagawa
Billy West
Actor (Fry, Zapp Brannigan, misc.)
Maurice LaMarche
Actor (Melllvar, Kif Kroker, misc.)

Topics of Discussion

  • Matt Groening confesses that he has never seen an original episode of Star Trek in its entirety. He explains that he didn't dislike the show, but just never watched it.
    • He felt that this could help the episode by judging the jokes without knowing what they are alluding to.
  • Past usage of the distinctive wheelchair, both in The Simpsons and Futurama.
  • Pat Shinagawa was a Star Trek fan as a child, but since then never watched it then until directing this episode. Many of her colleagues at Rough Draft Studios were jealous of her directorial position.
    • David X. Cohen concludes that they picked the best series to create a parody of.
  • David A. Goodman mentions his work on this episode got him a job writing for Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • Original ideas for the episode, including a battle between a giant William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.
  • The story behind getting all of the original Star Trek cast members to play themselves in the episode.
    • The only actor to reject the offer was James Doohan. Goodman then titled the original script "We Got Everybody Except Scotty."
  • Goodman confirms to Maurice LaMarche that all listed episode numbers in one of Melllvar's lines are correct.
  • Discussion of the two returning Star Trek characters in the show, Leonard Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols.
  • Matt was nervous of being questioned by William Shatner on his knowledge of the show.
  • Billy West also had a conversation about Futurama with William Shatner.
  • Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner were the only two actors who were allowed to converse their lines into the same microphone during the recording process.
  • Cohen tells the story of squishing everyone into the Recording Booth to watch their idols act.
    • Goodman speaks of his moments urinating next to Leonard Nimoy.
  • The episode was approved of by the fans at the Pasadena Star Trek Convention.
  • A line of Melllvar's was intended to have a strong tone, but Maurice felt it needed to be softer and a softer tone was used instead.
  • Discussion of deleted scenes.
  • Cohen questions the phasers moving away from each other at the ship, but meeting each other at their target.
  • Cohen describes several early versions of Melllvar.
  • Goodman mentions references to Star Trek that were missed by fans.
  • Goodman talks about his yearning to write the planned Star Trek episode for Futurama.
    • Cohen admits he was keeping quiet about who would be writing the episode because he was trying to find time to write it himself.
  • Cohen talks about John DiMaggio and himself laughing so hard at the table read of this script they cried.
  • A series of maladies left Goodman with very little time to write the episode.
  • The commentators wonder the inspiration behind Dan Vebber's line on Melllvar's age.
  • Cohen asks Pat about dealing with lawyers throughout her time directing the episode.
  • William Shatner's spoken word cover of Elton John's "Rocket Man."
  • The various background for the closing credits.

Highlights / Quotes

    David X. Cohen: He's not joking by the way. David Goodman now writes for Star Trek: Enterprise.
    David A. Goodman: And that will be the next series that I put in the ground.

    Matt Groening: And James Doohan wouldn't do it because he wouldn't do anything or...?
    David A. Goodman: Well the quote we got was "No way."
    Matt Groening: A simple 'no' would have been sufficient!
    David A. Goodman: "No way!"
    Maurice LaMarche: The 'way' was quite unnecessary.