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Memories of Fry
Memories of Fry.png
Leela holding a box labeled "Memories of Fry".[4ACV12]
First appearance"The Sting" (4ACV12)

Shortly after his percieved death by space-bee sting in 3004,[4ACV12] Leela collected a box of items labeled "Memories of Fry" to remind her of Fry. Since it was presumably created during Leela's coma, this collection does not exist in the canon sense. Though never talked about, most of the objects in the box are recognizable from previous episodes.


  • Luna Park refrigerator magnet: Fry got one of these for Leela and Bender on their first delivery at Luna Park.[1ACV02]
  • Coronation spoon: Though this is the first time the spoon has been seen, it is presumably from Fry's coronation to emperor of Trisol.[1ACV07]
  • Slurm can: The Slurm can in the box is most likely the can with the winning bottle cap in it from the Slurm contest in 3000.[1ACV13]
  • Fry's first mustache: Fry showed this to Leela and Bender when looking through his wallet after they were fired from Planet Express in the year 3001.[2ACV19]
  • π-in-1 Oil: Fry uses this to lubricate his arms when he believes he's a robot. Later, it will save his life when Roberto stabs him and the oil is still in his pocket, stopping the knife.[3ACV11]
  • Candy heart: When the Planet Express Ship went crazy in 3003, Fry searched for a candy heart for Leela while she deactivated the ship. When she ran out of air, he connected his tank to her mask, and started to suffocate. When the air came back on she noticed and started giving him CPR, he survived coughing up this heart.[4ACV03]
  • Flower: After his mission to destroy the Infosphere, Nibbler gave Fry this flower to give to Leela before blanking his memory.[4ACV10]
  • Picture of Fry: This picture was used as a reference for Fry The Solid's Emperor portrait from My Three Suns.

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