Fourth Omicronian invasion of Earth

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Fourth Omicronian invasion of Earth
Planetary invasion.png
The section on planetary invasion in the Omicronian handbook. [7ACV16]
LocationWashington, D.C.
ResultTemporary Omicronian victory; subsequent blockade of Omicron Persei 8 by Earth
Appearance"T.: The Terrestrial" (7ACV16)
Side ASide B
Zapp BranniganJrrr
NoneRay gun
Headless clone of Spiro AgnewNone

The fourth Omicronian invasion of Earth occurred in 3013, "led" by Lrrr's son Jrrr, in order for Jrrr to earn a planetary-invasion merit badge. [7ACV16] Ironically, Jrrr was one of the only surviving "popplers" — larval Omicronians — who escaped consumption by humans during the second Omicronian invasion of Earth. [2ACV15] Indeed, Jrrr had actually been responsible for ending the second invasion, by begging his elders to show mercy to humanity.

Jrrr's invasion was very amateurish, and amounted to being dropped off by his father's spaceship on the White House lawn, ringing the front doorbell, and nervously announcing to President Nixon that he was invading. [7ACV16] Jrrr was so nervous that he could barely stammer out his words, to the point that Nixon had to ask him to speak up when Jrrr demanded Earth's surrender. As it turned out, Nixon's response to alien invasions is to cave in to their demands, so he immediately summoned Zapp Brannigan to sign a surrender agreement. Unfortunately, Lrrr then demanded that his son display his invasion prowess by choosing a target from the city to shoot with his ray gun. Jrrr nervously wavered between different monuments to fire at — the United States Capitol, the Rational Archives, and the Jeffersons Memorial —, before shooting blindly and vaporizing Nixon's vice president, the headless clone of Spiro Agnew (apparently one of a series of clones, as Nixon remarks that this was "my second-to-last Agnew!").

Jrrr flees after Agnew's death, and Nixon retaliates by making a planet-wide special broadcast announcing a blockade of Omicron Persei 8. This blockade includes cultural exports, i.e. blocking all Earth television transmissions to Omicron Persei 8.

The subsequent blockade is commanded by Zapp Brannigan aboard the Nimbus, but it is not effective in preventing the Planet Express crew from sneaking onto the planet.

The fourth Omicronian invasion apparently represents either growing strength on the part of the DOOP fleet, or more probably, growing incompetence of the Omicronians. The first invasion was launched when the Omicronians missed the 1,000-year-old finale of the Fox show Single Female Lawyer, during which the Omicronians successfully overwhelmed Earth's military defenses and space fleet, also led by Brannigan and the Nimbus. In contrast, during the Fourth Invasion, Earth successfully retaliated by blocking all Earth television broadcasts, and blockading Omicron Persei 8 itself. It isn't clear if the relative strength of each side has drastically shifted, or if Lrrr simply didn't want to risk another long-term war by attacking the blockade fleet. However, the Omicronians were willing to launch their first full-scale invasion of Earth over missing a single TV season finale, yet all television broadcasts were jammed as a result of the blockade following the fourth invasion.

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