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The Earth and its moon as seen from space
LocationThe Sol System
Ruled byRichard Nixon
Member ofDOOP
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)
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Old Freebie: The Earth flag.

Earth is a life-supporting planet at the Sol System and home planet of humans, many animals and plants as well as robots. In spite of being conquered several times by various aliens, by the 31st century, humans are again the dominant life form on the planet. Earth's government is a planet-wide democracy that is clearly modeled after (if not directly descended from) America's government of today. Even the flag, Old Freebie, is similar to the American flag. The government is largely run by clones, though in 3000, Earthicans elected Richard Nixon's head President of Earth. Although frequently invaded by Alien forces, Earth seems to be a military power to be reckoned with.

Thanks to the colonizing and contact of dozens if not hundreds of other planets (including Mars, Neptune, Pluto and many others from across the galaxy and universe), human population by the year 3000 is not known. In terms of wealth, Mom is the richest person on the planet, Zapp Brannigan is responsible for protecting the world from various alien invasions as well as expanding Earth's empire.

In 3007, the planet was stolen by the Alien Scammers, who renamed it New Scammadonia. A few days later, however, a fleet comprised of displaced Earthicans and other victims of the Scammers managed to reclaim Earth. The planet briefly stopped rotating in August of 3010, as a result of the Thubanian invasion. Amy Wong managed to fix the problem by "bringing back" the planet's rotational energy from Thuban 9.


Robots are seen across the planet

One of the most important places in the entire universe, by the 31st century, Earth is a huge glowing utopia (sort of) the planet is at the height of existence, major technological advancements have been achieved by humanity, the wheel is obsolete and hovercars are prominent, sentient robots possibly have a higher population than humans themselves and space travel has excelled significantly, journeys to other galaxies take but a few hours because spaceships can move billions of times the traditional speed of light. Many people who lived in the 20th and 21st are preserved in jars albeit only their heads, this technology was invented by Ron Popeil. Almost everything electrical is a robot with feelings, from intergalactic spaceships to toasters.

Life forms

Many species of aliens have migrated to Earth and live in peace with the life forms already on Earth, the Decapodians specifically came to Earth in the 23rd century. By the 21st century, anchovies and cows have gone extinct. Mutants have since developed in the sewers especially in New New York, the vermin and confined to the sewers.

Earth gets invaded by aliens multiple times a week. However, almost all attempts to take over the planet have been unsuccessful.

Locations of Interest

Monuments at Washington D.C.




North America

South America


The Moon, Earth's main satellite

Additional Info


  • In scientific terminology (as well as the planet-naming conventions used within the show), Earth could also be called Sol 3 (or Sol III).
  • As of "That Darn Katz!", the Earth rotates clockwise, instead of counter-clockwise.
  • Around the year 3000, Earth's population was about 10 billion
  • As of "Crimes of the Hot", the Earth's year is 372 days.