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This page provides news that has been removed from the News template, seen in the Main Page.

18 August, 2011: Episode "The Tip of the Zoidberg" airs on Comedy Central.

11 August, 2011: Episode "Fry Am the Egg Man" airs on Comedy Central.

4 August, 2011: Episode "Möbius Dick" airs on Comedy Central.

28 July, 2011: Episode "All the Presidents' Heads" airs on Comedy Central.

23 July, 2011: At the Futurama panel of San Diego Comic-Con International, the anime segment of episode "Reincarnation" is shown in its entirety for the first time and the Futurama app is announced.

21 July, 2011: Episode "Yo Leela Leela" airs on Comedy Central.

14 July, 2011: Episode "The Silence of the Clamps" airs on Comedy Central.

14 July, 2011: Futurama is nominated for Outstanding Animated Program, and Maurice LaMarche for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance, at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards.

30 June, 2011: Episode "Ghost in the Machines" airs on Comedy Central.

26 June, 2011: Broadcast season 8 will begin airing in Australia on 11 starting with "Benderama" on the 29th of June at 8pm.

23 June, 2011: Episodes "Neutopia" and "Benderama" air on Comedy Central.

16 June, 2011: Maurice LaMarche announces that he has started recording the first episode of season 7.

4 May, 2011: Countdown to Futurama begins releasing teaser material from broadcast season 8.

24 March, 2011: Season 7 is confirmed to consist of 26 episodes, planned to air on Comedy Central in 2012 and 2013 as the ninth and tenth broadcast seasons.

22 March, 2011: Maurice LaMarche announces that he has closed his deal for season 7.

6 February, 2011: Futurama is nominated for two Annie Awards, but loses to Robot Chicken and Kung Fu Panda.

5 February, 2011: "The Prisoner of Benda" wins the Writer's Guild of America Award for "Animation".

3 February, 2011: Broadcast season 8 is revealed to start airing on 23 June, beginning with "The Silence of the Clamps".

7 January, 2011: Broadcast season 7 premiere in the United Kingdom turns out to be repeats instead.

27 December, 2010: Season 6 is scheduled to premiere in the UK on Friday, 7 January with two episodes on Sky1 at 8pm. The Australian premiere is also scheduled, with one episode to air on Wednesday, 12 January on Eleven at 8pm.

21 December, 2010: Volume 5, containing the episodes of the previous broadcast season, is released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States.

9 December, 2010: Futurama is nominated for two Annie Awards.

21 November, 2010: Episode "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" airs on Comedy Central.

7 October, 2010: DVD and Blu-ray release of Volume 5 is announced for 21 December.

24 June, 2010: Premiere episodes of season 6, "Rebirth" and "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" airs on Comedy Central. First new Futurama episodes made for TV to air in little less than 7 years.

10 May, 2010 (site news): After a couple of months of beating it around the bush, have finally been merged onto our server, as we are now sharing hosts. Please welcome another member of our family.

17 March, 2010 (site news): During the previous week, especially the weekend, you may have noticed a rather unstable Infosphere website, but the issues should now have been fixed and the server is lot more stable now. We apologise for the inconvenience and annoyances it may have caused. Don't be shy to report problems with the website, however.

9 March, 2010: Can't Get Enough Futurama confirms Craig Ferguson, Katee Sackhoff and Al Gore will be lending their voices during season 6.

4 March, 2010: The air date of "Rebirth" has been announced to be 24th of June.

6 February, 2010: Into the Wild Green Yonder wins the Annie Award for Best Home Entertainment Production of 2009.

15 January, 2010: David X. Cohen revealed to Can't Get Enough Futurama what episodes 6ACV12 and "6ACV13" will contain. 6ACV12, being the hundredth episode, might be the season finale and 6ACV13 is going to be an AoI-style episode focusing on seasonal stories.

4 January, 2010: Another collection of Futurama comics has been announced, in this case it's The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis and will be available on the 14th of April.

3 December, 2009 (site news): We have upgraded our Main Page to reflect that the Infosphere is now dealing with an active TV show. We hope you welcome the new changes.

30 August, 2009: Today the remainder of season 5, Into the Wild Green Yonder's four part sub-episodes air on Comedy Central. The next portion of Futurama will first air June 2010.

7 August, 2009: The recasting ploy has finally come to an end, as the supporting cast, including Lauren Tom, Phil LaMarr, Frank Welker and David Herman, have been settled.

31 July, 2009: The recasting ploy is nearing its end as Katey Sagal, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, Billy West and John DiMaggio have sealed the contract with 20th Century Fox Television to return for the second run. Supporting cast, like Lauren Tom, Phil LaMarr and David Herman are still to be settled.

10 June, 2009: Comedy Central has officially announced a new season of 26 episodes of Futurama to begin air in 2010.

2 May, 2009 (site news): Today, together with the Futurama Madhouse, The Infosphere announces the introduction of the FutraMedia Foundation.

26 April, 2009: Today, Bender's Game aired on Comedy Central as its four sub-episodes.

20 April, 2009 (site news): Our donation campaign for keeping the project has been launched, where we hope to raise 500 EUR. We encourage our visitors to help.

28 March, 2009: Today marks the 10th anniversary of Futurama, on 28 March, 1999, "Space Pilot 3000" aired for the first time on Fox.

14 March, 2009 (site news): Today, we have finally launched our new design. This may pose some oddities at first, but any reports of strange appearances should reported to our Conference Table.

4 March, 2009: Today Into the Wild Green Yonder was released in region 4 (Australia).

24 February, 2009: Today Into the Wild Green Yonder was released in region 1 (North America).

23 February, 2009: Today Into the Wild Green Yonder was released in region 2 (Europe).

10 December, 2008: Today Bender's Game was released in region 4 (Australia).

5 December, 2008: Screenjabber is first with a review. Beware of spoilers.

29 November, 2008: 4 March, 2009 is confirmed to be the Australian release date for Into the Wild Green Yonder, a little over a week after the North American and European releases.

4 November, 2008: Today Bender's Game was released in region 1 (North America).

3 November, 2008: Today Bender's Game was released in region 2 (Europe).

27 September, 2008: 19 October, 2008 is the date that the next batch of episodes, cut from The Beast with a Billion Backs, airs on Comedy Central in the USA.

10 September, 2008: The first preview of Bender's Game surfaces. Beware of spoilers.

6 August, 2008: The Beast with a Billion Backs was released for region 4.

26 July, 2008: Release dates for Bender's Game have been revealed as 4 November in region 1 and 10 December in region 4.

30 June, 2008: The Beast with a Billion Backs was released for region 2.

24 June, 2008: The Beast with a Billion Backs was released for region 1.

20 June, 2008: A teaser trailer of Bender's Game has been released.

19 June, 2008: Australian broadcaster Network Ten has begun airing the episodes of Bender's Big Score, one each Thursday.

25 May, 2008: Another review of The Beast with a Billion Backs emerges, this time with screen caps, beware of spoilers.

19 May, 2008: The Official Trailer of The Beast with a Billion Backs has been released.

18 May, 2008: A review of The Beast with a Billion Backs has been posted at, beware of spoilers.

13 May, 2008: We now know the Australian release date for The Beast with a Billion Backs is the 6th of August, this is only around a month behind the late June releases in the US and Europe.

7 April, 2008: Good news for our European fans. Today, Bender's Big Score has been released in Region 2. Additionally, we have confirmation about the release dates of Bender's Game and Into the Wild Green Yonder in Europe.

23 March, 2008: Today Comedy Central will broadcast the first four episodes of production season 5. The first new Futurama episode in almost five years.

7 March, 2008: 20th Century Fox have registered "Slurm" as a trademark. According to the file, they are going to use it for sodas.

5 March, 2008: Bender's Big Score is released on DVD in region 4.

29 February, 2008: The Beast with a Billion Backs is confirmed to be released on 24 June, 2008.

28 February, 2008 (site news): We have just moved to our new domain (! Prepare to change your bookmarks.

23 February, 2008: The first episode (which is cut from Bender's Big Score) of season 5 is scheduled to air on Comedy Central 23 March, 2008.

2 January, 2008: Futurama starts airing on Comedy Central. In broadcast order, in case anyone was wondering.

27 November, 2007: The new movie Bender's Big Score is released on DVD in region 1

21 November, 2007: Claudia Katz of Rough Draft Studios has been interviewed by

19 November, 2007: Another trailer for Bender's Big Score is now available at

14 November, 2007: An interview with some of the key staff of Rough Draft Studios has been released on Cinematical.

6 November, 2007: Can't Get Enough Futurama has held an interview with David X. Cohen.

3 October, 2007: A trailer has been released for Bender's Big Score.

2 August, 2007: There were several previews and even a panel on the new season of Futurama at Comic-Con 07. Videos can be found here (low quality), here, and here.

7 July, 2007: Lauren Tom talks about the new series on IGN

3 July, 2007 (site news): The Wiki software has finally been updated. Please report any database errors you might come across. We should now have some fancy new features (probably not noticeable to casual users, though), so enjoy.

9 March, 2007: Another Groening interview has been posted by iF Magazine

28 January, 2007: Matt Groening has confirmed that the 2008 season of Futurama will be reconfigured versions of the four DVD movies. More info

12 December, 2006: ToyFare Magazine has released an interview with David X. Cohen on their website. In the interview, Cohen talks about some of the content and context of the new season, beware of possible spoilers.

22 June, 2006: American cable television network Comedy Central has picked up the rights to air Futurama, in both old and new episodes. A new season of 13 episodes, with the original voice actors, will air in 2008.