Bender's Big Score Part 4

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Season 5 episode
Derived from Bender's Big Score
Broadcast season 6 episode
Bender's Big Score Part 4
Production number5ACV04
Written byKen Keeler
Directed byDwayne Carey-Hill
Title captionLast known transmission of the Hubble Telescope
First air date23 March, 2008
Broadcast numberS06E04
Special guest(s)Al Gore
Mark Hamill


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"Bender's Big Score Part 4" is the seventy-sixth episode of Futurama, the fourth of the fifth production season, the fourth of the sixth broadcast season and the fourth and last cut from Bender's Big Score. It aired on 23 March, 2008, on Comedy Central. It guest-stars Al Gore as himself in a jar, Coolio as Kwanzaa-bot and Mark Hamill as the Chanukah Zombie. President Nixon loses Earth to the Scammer Aliens and Humanity is forced to live in Neptune, the planet where the murderous Robot Santa is based.

The Story

Act I

President Nixon reveals that he is about to close a deal to buy back Earth. Unfortunately, he fell for another obvious scam, and Earth loses its final bit of money. The populace is forced to evacuate the planet. Ships at South Street Spaceport carry people to different planets in the solar system, with the Planet Express Ship bound for Neptune.

Back in the past again, Fry has Leelu placed in a tank on the ship. Leelu seems forlorn and distraught and won't eat or play with Fry. Fry then sees a male narwhal swimming outside the ship (this one with an orange-colored skin) and thinks that he is upsetting her, so he steers her away from him.

On Neptune, after a Yeti incident, the Earthicans encounter Robot Santa, who is too depressed for murder and mayhem, as the scammers have also scammed him. But Leela, having become hardened by her failed relationship with Lars, decides it is time to fight back.

Act II

A strategy is proposed, but it is revealed that the scammers have used the money to build several remote-controlled solid gold Death Stars. Robot Santa reminds them that he still has elves to build weapons, so he gets together with his friends the Kwanzaa-bot and the Chanukah Zombie. Through song, their weapons are soon built, and they are ready to attack, being led by Zapp Brannigan, whose plan is to send in a brigade of children first to buy them a few seconds. As they approach Earth, one of the Death Stars shoots down the Nimbus (though the entire crew manages to survive). Leela takes command of the fleet, but is soon overwhelmed by the complexity of directing so many ships. Hermes uses his vast knowledge of bureaucracy and organization to control the entire battle smoothly (with the help from the Professor, who wires his head into the mainframe). Soon the battle is won, and Hermes wins LaBarbara back for good. But the scammers have one final trick up their sleeves—they reveal the doomsday device's bag that they stole from the Professor. Nudar gives them 30 seconds to decide on an ultimatum: surrender or be destroyed.


Bender, having revealed that he was the one who cut off the Professor's hand with an extremely dull saw, makes a modest apology to the crew for what he has done. But to their surprise, this is a ploy to distract the scammers as he also reveals that he has the bag with the actual doomsday device, and that the scammers have been scammed. They fire off the device and destroy the scammers' ship. Bender explains that this was planned as he was stealing the device, and he stole the device for himself to use later as soon as he was released from the scammers' control.

At the New Year's Eve celebration, Bender is awarded the Dirty Double Cross, Earth's highest honor in swindling, for saving the world. Lars comes and gives Hermes' his body back, fully repaired. Leela is still heartbroken about the incident at the wedding, and that Lars tries to avoid contact with her. Fry, unable to see Leela unhappy any longer, tells her to meet him at Applied Cryogenics.

In 2012, Fry realizes that Leelu is actually in love with the male narwhal, and decides to set her free, in his words; "I want what makes you happy, not what makes me happy."

Back in real time, Fry secretly invites Lars as well, as he, like his duplicate self, has decided he wants what makes Leela happy, unknowingly coining his duplicate's phrase. But as Lars is trying to explain to them both why he and Leela simply cannot be together, Nudar enters, having survived the explosion thanks to a doomproof platinum vest (the closest thing to clothing he is seen to wear). He says he wants the time code, but Fry and Leela stress that Nibbler removed it from him. However, Nudar insists that Lars has it. Nudar threatens to kill Leela for the code, but Lars instead goes to the tube with the Bender duplicate in it (the one counting down the auto-destruct sequence) and opens it, dragging Nudar onto Bender with himself. Bender explodes, killing himself, Nudar and Lars. In her horror and grief, Leela rushes to Lars' smoldering body, only to see that he has the same tattoo on his backside as Fry...

Back in 2012, Fry is entering his home above Panucci's when Bender comes around and destroys it. The initial blast doesn't kill the duplicate Fry like Bender believed, but Fry's hair is burnt off, his beard shortened, his skin darkened, and his larynx damaged; he sees himself in the mirror with his new appearance and deeper voice and realizes that he is Lars. He rushes to the Applied Cryogenics lab, and gets in a tube (containing his old girlfriend Michelle), setting it for 990 years. Waking up in 3002, he gets employed at the head museum.

At Lars' funeral, Lars in a video will tells the crew the whole story of what happened while he was in the past, and explains that he waited for the day Leela would arrive. When he saw Hermes' body destroyed at the wedding, he realized that as a time paradox duplicate, he himself was doomed, and would not put Leela through having to deal with his death. Fry says that he was a good man; Leela agrees, and kisses Fry on the cheek. Everyone is reminded that in order for any of this to make sense, someone must travel back in time for one last time to tattoo Fry's backside in the first place, so Bender volunteers, peeling the tattoo off of Lars' corpse and going back in time.

Back at Planet Express, Bender comes up from the basement and says that he has done the job. He then says that he met all his own copies down in the basement, and told them to stick around instead of come up when they were logically supposed to. This creates an extreme amount of duplicates. Nibbler fears the worst, and using an as-yet unseen Nibblonian ability, consumes himself; presumably, the high-density compression of his digestive tract allows him to teleport to an unknown dimension. As each duplicate explodes one after the other, a massive rift in time and space appears before them. Bender sees this and ends the episode with, "Well, we're boned."

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See Miscellany of Bender's Big Score. for trivia, quotes, etc.

Film to Episode Edits

  • The introduction is replaced. Following the title caption, Al Gore's head appears in space and says "Previously on Futurama.", he flies away, the flames from his exhaust hitting the screen and there is a summary of the first three parts, followed by a billboard crash into a blank board. The section is backed by the game's theme music remix, much like the film's introduction was.
  • Various "minor" bits of scenes, usually with dialogue, are removed and some music is adjusted to fit the re-edit:
    • The announcer on the TV interacts with Hypnotoad less.
    • Nixon doesn't use the phrase "really great news" or mention the collateral.
    • Farnsworth doesn't say he'll be cold and heavy.
    • Less people spurt out of the Planet Express ship.
    • Amy doesn't translate the Yeti language.
    • Santa doesn't mention his heart, he takes the antidepressants without being offered and doesn't mention wanting to use the naughty list himself. Then Leela doesn't mention running or hiding.
    • Zapp doesn't mention his undisclosed location or receiving word of the invasion.
    • The Nimbus flies past the screen for less time.
    • Zapp only mentions one of the manoeuvres, without any confusion.
    • The Deathstars blast the Nimbus sooner.
    • Less letters and numbers are said by Leela, Sal isn't heard crashing and there is a shorter battle in general.
    • LaBarbara makes no mention of potatoes when getting back together with Hermes.
    • Nudar simply pulls out the doomsday device rather than taunting Farnsworth first.
    • Bender doesn't say "Shut up and keep looking apologised to." and Leela doesn't need to press the button to fire.
    • Bender isn't awarded the dirty double cross by Nixon.
    • On the boat, no jobs at casinos are mentioned.
    • Lars doesn't try to leave after seeing Leela in the lab.


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