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Season 2
Original run21 November, 1999 —
3 December, 2000
No. of episodes19
Special guestsSee here
On DVD(s)Volume Two
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Production Season 2 was the second season of Futurama during the original run, following the first season. It consisted of 19 episodes.

Broadcast wise, most of its episodes, except the last three, were considered part of broadcast season 2. The last three was part of broadcast season 3, along with episodes from season 3.

Season 2 was also the first season to see irregularity in broadcast compared to the production order However, the only two times the broadcast order differed from the production order were simply two episodes switched..

Plot development

Unlike other seasons, season 2 has very little plot development. It uses facts established in season 1, but never gets beyond that.

The season does get a lot of facts across though, and introduces Farnsworth's "son", Cubert Farnsworth. Richard Nixon's head is also elected as the President of Earth; a plot point that is addressed in many future episodes.


Writing for season 2 began shortly after season 1 had begun airing,[1] David X. Cohen recall conceptuating parts of the plot of "The Problem with Popplers" on an aeroplane in August 1999.[1]

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Title Original airdate
Production code TV Broadcast #
I Second that Emotion 21 November, 1999 2ACV01 S02E05 14
Brannigan, Begin Again 28 November, 1999 2ACV02 S02E06 15
A Head in the Polls 12 December, 1999 2ACV03 S02E07 16
Xmas Story 19 December, 1999 2ACV04 S02E08 17
Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? 6 February, 2000 2ACV05 S02E09 18
The Lesser of Two Evils 20 February, 2000 2ACV06 S02E11 19
Put Your Head on My Shoulders 13 February, 2000 2ACV07 S02E10 20
Raging Bender 27 February, 2000 2ACV08 S02E12 21
A Bicyclops Built for Two 6 March, 2000 2ACV09 S02E13 22
A Clone of My Own 9 April, 2000 2ACV10 S02E15 23
How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back 2 April, 2000 2ACV11 S02E14 24
The Deep South 16 April, 2000 2ACV12 S02E16 25
Bender Gets Made 30 April, 2000 2ACV13 S02E17 26
Mother's Day 14 May, 2000 2ACV14 S02E19 27
The Problem with Popplers 7 May, 2000 2ACV15 S02E18 28
Anthology of Interest I 21 May, 2000 2ACV16 S02E20 29
War Is the H-Word 26 November, 2000 2ACV17 S03E02 30
The Honking 5 November, 2000 2ACV18 S03E01 31
The Cryonic Woman 3 December, 2000 2ACV19 S03E03 32