A Leela of Her Own

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Season 3 episode
Broadcast season 4 episode
A Leela of Her Own
A Leela of Her Own.jpg
Production number3ACV16
Written byPatric M. Verrone
Directed bySwinton O. Scott III
Title captionScratch here to reveal prize
First air date7 April, 2002
Broadcast numberS04E10
Title referenceThe film "A League of Their Own"
Opening cartoonThe Goal Rush
Special guest(s)Hank Aaron
Bob Uecker


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"A Leela of Her Own" is the forty-eighth episode of Futurama, the sixteenth of the third production season and the tenth of the fourth broadcast season. It aired on 7 April, 2002. It guest stars Hank Aaron and Bob Uecker as themselves in jars. Turanga Leela finds herself being the first female ever to play major league Blernsball, but not because it is any good at it, but because she is a great crowd pleaser.

The Story

Act I: "We got guano. Very fresh"

After the wall of a nearby strip club fell down, Fry took to looking out the window. But eventually noticed a pizza parlor opening next door. After Fry reminisces about his old job, the crew decide to go and welcome their new Cygnoid neighbours. The pizzas turn out to be disgusting, so Fry decides to help them. He explains how to act like Earthicans; giving them advice on the pizza parlor and teaching them about Blernsball. The Planet Express crew and their families play a game against the Cygnoid's pizzeria. Leela proves to be a terrible pitcher, hitting the batters in the head each time. Her bad playing draws a crowd and she is recruited for the Mets.

Act II: "Now pitching for the Mets, Turanga Leela"

The various colour barriers.

Leela's pitching "skills" prove popular with Mets fans. Leela garners many fans and some advertising appearances, thanks to her agent, Bender. During a signing at Family Bros. Pizza, Jackie Anderson, an NNYU blernsballer tells Leela off for ruining the chances for competent women players. After a quick review of Leela's statistics Hermes informs her that she is likely to become the worst player ever, and Leela vows not to let that happen. To prevent this from happening, the crew visit the current worst player, Hank Aaron XXIV, at the Blernsball Hall of Fame. After several failed attempts, Aaron manages to teach Leela not to hit batters.

Act III: "Ancient Cygnoid secret"

The Cygnoids open a franchise at Fenway Park, and then sell it to Fishy Joe. Leela convinces the coach to let her play after having trained with a Hank Aaron. Leela's unconventional pitching manages to strike out two players before Jackie comes in to bat on the third strike. To the shock of the crowd, Leela manages to get two strikes before Jackie hits the ball hard enough to break the string and send the ball into the "win the game" hole, scoring a grand slam blern. Leela is now officially the worst player ever, and retires, having inspired women to prove they aren't all terrible.

Additional Info


  • There are several fans of Futurama who have a low opinion of this episode. Several complaints of this episode involve the more serious nature of the episode, the jokes that the episode had falling flat, and the less positive ending of the episode compared to others in the series. Can't Get Enough Futurama: Episode Reviews: 3ACV16 - A Leela of Her Own This episodes ranking on gotfuturama.com is currently 50%, and ranked, for a long time, as the lowest rated Futurama Episode. (In December 2010, it was "surpassed" by The Futurama Holiday Spectacular, which has a 45% rating.)


  • This episode comes closest to explaining Blernsball, the writers intend to make the sport confusing and so they threw in a few oddities at the end of the episode.
  • Hank Aaron was reluctant to be in this episode, but agreed when he found out Bob Uecker had agreed.
  • Jackie Anderson's name and uniform number (24) is a reference to Jackie Robinson, the first black player in Major League Baseball.
  • One of the players who broke the various color barriers was a half-black and half-white alien. This is a reference to the Cheron natives from Star Trek.


    Leela: I didn't hit the batter! For once I was pitching and not just belly-itching!
    Aaron Jr.: Oh, you got that too? I think there's a rash goin' around.

    Fry: Wow! I must say, I'm impressed. You look just like a ball player. Can I pat you on the butt?
    Leela: Fry, I'm a professional athlete! So go ahead.
    Fry: Oh! Now I'm too nervous.

    Cygnoid: Please, lady, I want to live. Can I use bat to protect head?
    [Leela beans him.]
    Bender: Apparently not.

    Bob Uecker: Mulligan drives the ball, it's going, going and caught by the shortstop. Man I haven't seen play this bad since the days of Bob Uecker! This is Bob Uecker saying thanks for watching!

    Bob Uecker: Welcome to Fenway Park, home of the Boston Poindexters, where the Mets close out a season that'll rank among Mankind's most awful crimes.

    Fry: Hey! You opened a franchise!
    Blek's wife: Yes. Our biggest seller is Leela's Bean Pizza. Six kinds of beans, plus several things that look like beans.
    Fishy Joe: [He eats a slice.] Beans, huh? Mmm. This is great! How do you make the crust so fizzy?
    Blek: Ah-ah-ah! Ancient Cygnoid secret!
    Blek's wife: My husband, some hotshot! Here's his ancient Cygnoid secret! [She holds up a jar.] Live hornets! We smush them right into dough!
    Fishy Joe: I don't care if there's horse manure in it!
    Blek: That's a-good!
    Fishy Joe: I wanna buy this franchise. How does $100,000 sound?
    Blek: Forget it! We come to Earth to make pizza, not money.
    Blek's wife: No, Blek! Other way around!
    Blek: Oh, right. Offer accepted!


  • Hank Aaron XXIV is shown to have played for the Atlanta Braves but, as we learned in "The Deep South", Atlanta has been submerged in the Atlantic Ocean for quite some time. Unless his lifespan is somehow incredibly longer than everyone else's, he would have to be either a mermaid or a head in a jar.
    • This was something the production staff were aware of and the Atlanta Braves logo is updated from the 20th century design, which used a tomahawk, to feature a trident.
  • In the episode "Anthology of Interest I" Shea Stadium is shown to be a complete bowl, but in this episode, it is shown to be more like the actual Shea Stadium, and is open in the outfield.
  • All the whole numbers couldn't have been retired since they are infinite.
    • That's the joke.
      • It may not be if the whole numbers used were only a specific subset, say from 1 to 99.
  • During the ending scene between Leela and Jackie Anderson, Leela's eyeliner disappears and reappears between shots.


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