Mars University

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Season 1 episode
Broadcast season 2 episode
Mars University
Mars University.jpg
"Mars University: Knowledge brings fear"
Production number1ACV11
Written byJ. Stewart Burns
Directed byBret Haaland
Title captionTransmitido en Martian en SAP
First air date3 October, 1999
Broadcast numberS02E02
Opening cartoon"Pigs in a Polka"


Season 1
  1. Space Pilot 3000
  2. The Series Has Landed
  3. I, Roommate
  4. Love's Labours Lost in Space
  5. Fear of a Bot Planet
  6. A Fishful of Dollars
  7. My Three Suns
  8. A Big Piece of Garbage
  9. Hell Is Other Robots
  10. A Flight to Remember
  11. Mars University
  12. When Aliens Attack
  13. Fry and the Slurm Factory
Season 2 →
This article is about the Futurama episode. For the university featured in the episode, see Mars University (place).

"Mars University" is the eleventh episode of Futurama and of the first production season, and the second of the second broadcast season. It aired 3 October, 1999 on FOX. Farnsworth has a laboratory experiment, which he needs to develop in his lab at Mars University. Meanwhile, Fry also enrols at the university to be a drop-out, and Bender teaches the Fratbots how to be cool again.

The Story

Act I: "Is it dangerous?"

The Prof. Farnsworth tells the crew they'll be delivering a package to him at his office at Mars University (MU). When Fry asks if it's safe, Farnsworth insists it is. Then the crate starts shaking and something inside growls, and Farnsworth loads a tranquilizer gun and shoots whatever is inside.

Act II: "Are you here to fumigate the moosehead?"

When the crew arrives on Mars, Fry says that back in the 20th century no one had any idea there was an university in the planet, but according to the Professor it became a liveable planet much later when the university was founded. They tour the campus and see the Wong Library (with the largest collection of literature in two discs) and the Epsilon Rho Rho fraternity house, Bender's college fraternity. He finds out three nerdy robots live there now. Fry remembers his college days at Coney Island Community College where he learnt physics in a Community College Booth. He decides to enroll in classes at MU so he can drop out and get the respect he feels he deserves. In the student registration lines Fry meets Amy and she asks what class he will take. He chooses "The Mathematics of Quantum Neutrino Fields", the class the professor teaches every semester, though he made up the title so that no student would dare to take it. Farnsworth doesn't know how to teach but Fry doesn't care. At night, Bender and the Fratbots, Gearshift, Oily and Fatbot, spy on a Sorority House, where sexy blondes pilow fight in their slinky underwear. One of them types on a Mac and the robots stare at it looking its circuits, until they fall off the ladder and the members of the Snooty House see them, so they start to run.

Act III: "My roommate is a monkey?"

Fry gets to his room. He thinks it's a single though there are two beds. He learns his room-mate is a monkey. It turns out the monkey, Guenter, was in the crate they were delivering. By wearing Farnsworth's latest invention, the Electronium Hat, Guenter receives heightened intelligence. Fry stars to dislike Guenter but they must be room-mates because according to the professor he won't have to remember two numbers. In the 20th century History Lecture Hall, Fry, Amy and Guenter meet the teacher who says one in twelve will not pass the class. When Guenter answers a question on the 20th century that Fry couldn't, and Amy says he's smart and cute, Fry gets jealous. Meanwhile, Bender and the ERR fratbots get into more trouble, earning the wrath of Dean Vernon. He is angry about what they did so he decides to put the Robot House members on dodecatupple-secret probation. After that, Fatbot eats the Dean's model spaceship (the only thing that keeps the Dean sane), which makes him even angrier. In a cafe, Fry tries to chat up a girl, but she prefers Guenter, who gets her number. At the university parent's reception, everyone is with their parents. Amy presents her parents to the dean and Farnsworth presents Guenter's parents in a cage to him. He is horrified, and even more so when Fry frees them. They destroy all the room and throw "something" at the Dean.

Act IV: "I spent months slaving over a hot monkey brain!"

Leela tells Fry what he did to Guenter was cruel. When they enter their room, they see Guenter eating bananas, despite his claim not to like bananas. Guenter says his hat didn't make him happy, and Fry suggests he should go to the jungle, but he's the professor's prize experiment and he couldn't do that to him. At the 20th century class, the students have a test, but Guenter is overcome by his animal urges, so he removes the hat and jumps out a window. When Fry tells Farnsworth he told him to escape to the jungle they go after him. In a rafting contest between the various fraternities, Bender's raft races past Fry, Leela and the Professor; The resulting splash washes them into the river. Bender's team wins the race, but now it's up to Guenter to save the three humans from falling over a waterfall. When Guenter figures out how to put the hat on, he climbs a tree and saves them, but ends up about to fall himself. He says he doesn't want to live like this, then falls crushing the hat which saves him. With the damaged hat working at only half-capacity, Guenter decides he is happy, and decides to transfer to Business school, much to the chargin of Farnsworth. Because of their victory in the Regatta, Dean Vernon is forced to lead a parade in ERR's honor, and everyone, including Fry, Leela, Amy, Guenter, Farnsworth (now happy with Guenter), Bender, the Dean and the Fratbots enjoy a party in the campus. Captions show the future of each character.

Additional Info

Character Future Captions

At the end of the episode, they run a musical montage. It features freeze-frames of several characters with subtitles telling their futures (a reference to the end of "Animal House", among other films), to the tune of "Shout".

  • Fry: Fry Dropped Out Successfully And Returned To His Dead-End Delivery Job
  • Guenter: Guenter Got His MBA And Became President Of The Fox Network
  • Fatbot: Fatbot Caught A Computer Virus In Tijuana And Had To Be Rebooted
  • Leela: Leela Went On a Date With Dean Vernon, But He Never Called Again
  • Bender: His Job Done, Bender Stole Everything Of Value From Robot House And Ran Off



  • The plotline involving Bender and Robot House is a spoof of the movie Animal House.
  • Guenter's line "You like bananas? I got her number. How do you like them bananas?" is a reference to the movie Good Will Hunting.
  • 20th Century Lecturer was based on the stuffy professor from The Paper Chase played by John Houseman. Amy Wong comments, "Boring! Let's hear about Walter Mondale already!" However, in some dubbed versions, Walter Mondale was replaced by Bill Clinton.


  • Leela's Wristlojackimator disappears in the shot after she whispers her plan to Fry and the professor.
  • The Greek letter Rho is represented as "Ρ", but on the Robot House, it is represented as "ERR", while it ought to be "ΕΡΡ". However, the Greek alphabet has no letter that looks similar to the Latin "R".
  • There is a splash sound after Guenter falls, though when we see him in the next scene he is not wet and his hat is smashed.
    • Guenter was standing on a log which could have been the cause of the splash, while Guenter perhaps jumped off the log and onto the land.
  • Fry is surprised to see a university on Mars, but the Professor tells him there is one when he is talking about Dr. Ogden Wernstrom's A-minus in "A Big Piece of Garbage".
    • Someone may be overestimating the memory capacity of one who lacks a Delta Brainwave.
  • Normally, Fry gets a "Fryfro" when he gets electrocuted, but in this episode his hair only gets unorganized.
  • Fry couldn't have spit out the punch since he hadn't taken in the glass. In the commentaries to the episode, the crew talks about this and one points out that that was the joke - he had to specifically tell the animators to not have him come in with a glass.


    Prof. Farnsworth: All he handed in was a paper smeared with faeces. He tied with Fry.

    Prof. Farnsworth: ...And so by process of elimination we can determine that the electron tastes like grape-ade.

    Prof. Farnsworth: Why? Why!? Why didn't I break his leg?!!

    Oily: [Playing chess.] Mate in 143 moves.
    Fatbot: No, poo! You win again!

    20th Century Professor: What device invented in the 20th century allowed people to view broadcast programs in their own homes?
    Fry: Oh! I know this. Whaddya call it... Light Brite! [Is electrocuted.]

    Dean Vernon: You robots are a disgrace to this university! Whenever a fire alarm is pulled, Robot House! Whenever the campus liquor store is looted, Robot House! Whenver a human corpse is desecrated...!
    Bender: Now I can explain that!

    Dean Vernon: ROBOT HOUSE!


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