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The Simpsons episode
Simpsons crossover episode
Written byJ. Stewart Burns [1]
First air date2014 [1]
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The Simpsons crossover episode is an upcoming episode of The Simpsons the story of which features the characters of Futurama. It was announced on 20 July 2013, at Comic-Con, by Simpsons executive producer Al Jean.

The episode was written by Futurama and Simpsons writer J. Stewart Burns. It will be recorded in August 2013, and will air on Fox, as either the season-25 finale, in May 2014, or the season-26 premiere, in fall 2014. [1]


Bart Simpson does something that affects the future in a really bad way, so Bender travels back in time to kill him. [1]


Al Jean said of the episode:

Futurama is such an easy fit. (...) It's really funny, and their show lends itself to any variety of plot lines. By having them on, we have a little freedom... The biggest thrill for me is that we don't have to adjust the animation style. [1]

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  • The episode's plot seems to be based on that of the Star Trek episode "The City on the Edge of Forever", the writer of which, Harlan Ellison, was credited for the synopsis by Al Jean after the episode's announcement. [1]
    • Coincidentally, Ellison will guest-star in a season-25 episode of The Simpsons. [3]


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