The Board Game Games

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The Board Game Games
Futurama Comic 66.jpg
US Publish Number66
UK Publish Number(s)66
Written byEric Rogers
Art byTone Rodriguez
Published (US)22 March, 2013
Published (UK)28 March, 2013
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"The Board Game Games" is the sixty-sixth comic issue, released 22 March, 2013 in the US.

The Story

Fry's skill at obsolete 20th century board games leads to a galaxy-crossing grudge match between the Planet Express crew and an alien culture built entirely on the rules of the games. However, the aliens like their competitons to be less Hungry Hungry Hippos and more Hunger Games! "Do not pass 'Go.' Do not collect $200." Fry, Bender and Leela are about to play the game of Life...and death!

Additional Info


    Leela: We can't stay here! But we can't leave Kif behind either!
    Kif: Yes you can! You two finish without me. I'll keep these two busy by getting all Amphibiosan on their behinds!
    Fry: There goes the bravest Amphibiwhosawhatsit I've ever seen.

    [Lrrr and the Borax Kid are pulling Kif's limbs in opposite directions.]
    Kif: Don't worry, *ehhhnn!* guys! *ehhhnn!* I've got them *ehhhnn!* right where I *ehhhnn!* want them!
    Lrrr: Amphibiosan short ribs are my favorite!
    Borax Kid: And even though I don't have a digestive system, I'll help you pull this little guy apart because violence makes me happy.

    Zoidberg: And remember when he hosted his "20th century roller-skating disco prom"?
    Hermes: I don't remember you being at that party.
    Zoidberg: You wouldn't. Zoidberg wasn't invited to that party.

    Bender: Hey, meat-pillows, better get drunk now before Fry makes you do lame stuff! Oh, too late!

    Hermes: Once again, Fry, you've proven you are the master of rubbish no one has cared about for a thousand years.


  • This marks the first time the term "Amphibiosan" is used to describe Kif in-universe. It isn't clear if it is used to define planet of origin or species.


  • Bender's throne at the start of the story is constructed out of many weapons and robotic parts, including R2-D2, C-3PO and Lightsaber handles.


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