Futurama Conquers The Universe

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Futurama Conquers The Universe
Futurama Conquers The Universe B.jpg
US Publish Numbers 010, 011, 012, 013
UK Publish Numbers 012, 013, 014, 015, 016
Published (US) 2007

The Stories[edit]

Issue 10[edit]

"The Big Sweep" After a meteor shower, Scruffy and the crew are selected by hall of fame coach Vic Lebruteski to become an Olympic swurling team.

Issue 11[edit]

"The Cure for the Common Clod" On a delivery, Fry catches the common cold. It had been cured on Earth, and the cure was forgotten. Soon the whole of New New York is infected, and only a society of unlikely heroes can save the day.

Issue 12[edit]

"Sideshow Fry" When the staff of Planet Express visit the circus, Fry reveals his outie belly button and catches the eye of the circus owner as a new freak for the sideshow.

Issue 13[edit]

"The Bender You Say" Bender's attempts to improve his culinary skills leads him to a job filling in for the Robot Devil.

New Content[edit]

"Leela & Amy in Hostile Makeover" With Fry, Bender and Zoidberg out of the office, Leela is bored, so Amy takes her to get a makeover. First she gets a hairstyle and outfit identical to Amy's. Amy sees that the new look has made Leela more attractive to men, so she continues the makeover, giving her a baggy dress and a wig in Marge Simpson's hair style and colour. The men are disgusted, so Leela takes Amy for a makeover putting her in very revealing clothes, and taking her other clothes to a bin so that Amy has to shoplift the clothes and is arrested, while she returns to her normal outfit and hairstyle.

Additional Info[edit]


  • The alternate cover art on this paperback is available as an animation cell.
  • No Australian release of this trade paperback is scheduled.
  • "Leela & Amy in Hostile Makeover" also appears in Bongo Comics Free-For-All #4 (the 2009 issue)