2-D Blacktop

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Season 7 episode
Broadcast season 10 episode
2-D Blacktop
Production number7ACV15
Written byMichael Rowe
Directed byRaymie Muzquiz
Title captionPut On 2-D Glasses Now
First air date19 June 2013
Broadcast numberS10E01
Title referenceThe 1971 film Two-Lane Blacktop


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"2-D Blacktop" is the one hundred and twenty-ninth episode of Futurama, the fifteenth of the seventh production season and the first of the tenth broadcast season. It aired on 19 June 2013, on Comedy Central. Professor Farnsworth joins a gang of street-racing punks.


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On 14 December 2011, geek blog Geekologie posted a picture of the episode's production script to their Facebook page.[1] The picture was accompanied by the following description.

got to see Matt Groening, Leela AND Fry (Leela has two eyes and looks like Peggy Bundy FYI). No Bender though (I think he was scared)

In February 2012, the episode's title was registered on the US Copyright Catalog.[2]

On 5 February 2013, Vulture.com released a preview clip for the tenth broadcast season,[3] which contained footage from the episode.

On 30 April, Comedy Central released a preview clip of the episode as the first item in the year's Countdown to Futurama, and revealed the episode's air date.[4]

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The cover of the episode's production script.[1]


  • Leela introduces the new ship as slower to make it safer, however later on she is able to beat the old ship in a drag race.
  • When they are in the race, the Professor is wearing his racing clothes (black leather lab coat, black hat) but when he arrives in the second dimension he is wearing his standard attire.
  • In the second dimension, Bender walks out of the new ship, but, in the establishing shot, only Leela is in the ship.
  • Initially the Lords of Flatbush have guns, but when chasing the crew they only have spears.
    • It's possible that spears were the closest weapons at hand for them to chase the crew with.
  • The Professor makes it clear that it's impossible to go around others in the second dimension, but when they are eating at the castle, several of the creatures are sitting behind them.
    • The creatures are actually above, not behind. As the Professor says, the laws of physics in the second dimension are different. For example: if the Professor is at coordinate 0,0 another creature could be present at 0,1 or 1,0, etc.
  • Hermes claims the crew has only been gone for five minutes, however it was afternoon when they left, and it's clearly dusk when they arrive back.


    Professor Farnsworth: Ah, perfect timing! I just turbo-charged the ship's matter compressor!
    Fry: What's the matter compressor?
    Professor Farnsworth: Nothing's the matter, Fry, now that I've turbo-charged the matter compressor.

    Professor Farnsworth: That's it, you hoodlums! Your mouth just wrote a PayPal transfer request that your butt has insufficient funds to honor!
    Racer #1: Yo. It is on! Before that it was off.

    Racer #2: Marks. Set. Go, yo!

    Amy: [upset] Do you think they're... dead?
    Hermes: No, no. I choose to believe they're alive in some other dimension. Screamin' in agony.
    [Amy wipes away a tear.]
    Amy: I hope so.

    King of Flatbush: The feast is served. Choose whatever two-dimensional foods you like. Crêpes, flatbread, McDonald's hamburgers. You get the idea.
    Leela: Yum, apples! [She grabs a piece of apple and attempts to eat it.] Hey, how come I can't swallow?
    Professor Farnsworth: Hmm, I guess it's because our two-ended digestive system can't exist in this dimension. I suppose that could be an issue.
    [Leela mumbles and spits the piece of apple out.]
    Leela: I knew it! I knew he'd get us killed somehow!
    [The Professor begins to type on a computer.]
    Professor Farnsworth: As you can see, or rather can't see, but take my word for it, such a digestive system would divide a 2-D being into separate pieces!

    King of Flatbush: He's opening our minds to new ideas. Kill him!

Alien-language sightings

    Time: 06:54
    Location: Sign on a building next to where Smitty and URL brake their police hovercar
    Language: AL1
    Translation: HOT BLOOD


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