Zapp Dingbat

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Season 7 episode
Broadcast season 9 episode
Zapp Dingbat
Production number7ACV05
Written byEric Rogers
Directed byFrank Marino
Title captionN/A
First air date11 July 2012
Broadcast numberS09E05
Title referenceZapf Dingbats, a common typeface which is composed almost entirely of symbols
Special guest(s)George Takei


Season 7
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"Zapp Dingbat" is the one hundred and nineteenth episode of Futurama, the fifth of the seventh production season and the ninth broadcast season. It originally aired on 11 July 2012[2] on Comedy Central. Leela is upset when her mother starts dating Zapp Brannigan.


Leela tries to seduce Zapp Brannigan back away from her mother while her father dreams of surfing the great sewer waves of the world (halftime at the Rose Bowl, Dublin on Saint Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras and Rio de Janeiro).


On 16 November 2011, Eric Rogers revealed that he was the author of the episode.[3]

In 2012, a few revelations concerning the episode were made. On 29 February, CGEF revealed the episode's title to be "Zapp Dingba [sic]" and its director to be Frank Marino.[4][5] On 15 March, Eric Rogers announced the "1st color screening of [his] 1st episode as a full time hack [there] on the show" - probably referring to this episode - and revealed that he "[could not] wait to see what Rough Draft [had] done"[6] and, later that day, that it had been "delightful", that he "could not be happier with how [it] turned" and that it was "gonna be a great episode".[7] On 2 May, MSN TV revealed the episode's plot and air date.[2]

In May, Countdown to Futurama began releasing promotional material for the episode. It has so far released eight items: A design of a new character, the Carcaron admiral, which revealed the episode's actual title on 25 May,[8] a promotional picture showing Leela - in lingerie - and Zapp Brannigan in what appears to be an apartment in space and a character design of Leela in lingerie on 26 May,[9] a character design of Bender in a Carmen Miranda-style dress with a headdress made of rotting fruit and a design of another new character, the mouth monster, on 28 May,[10] part of the storyboard showing Leela's father, Fry and Bender be chased by three leprechauns,[11] a video clip featuring Zapp Brannigan and Kif negotiate a peace treaty with the Carcaron admiral and a similar creature[1] - which revealed the Carcaron admiral to be named "Admiral Chew" - and the fourth Futurama podcast[12] - which revealed "Carcaron" to be the name of Admiral Chew's species - on 29 May and the fifth Futurama podcast[13] - which stated that the episode was "the world's first TV episode ever named after a font" - on 6 June.

Comedy Central's website released two other promotional pictures, the first showing George Takei's head watching a stripper and the second showing Zapp holding out a ring.[14] By 10 July, Comedy Central had aired an advertisment for the seventh season of Futurama which featured a new clip from the episode.[15]

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  • The title "Blue Munda", which was registered on the US Copyright Catalog on 8 September 2011,[16] was possibly a working title for this episode.
  • The name "Carcaron" stems from the genus name "Carcharodon" for the great white shark.[12]




    Zapp: [speaking into something] Now, regarding this peace treaty, Admiral Chew
    Kif: That's a napkin dispenser, sir. This is the universal translator.
    [Kif places a universal translator from "A Clone of My Own" on the table and then one of its two speakers on each side.]
    Zapp: Whatever.
    [Zapp drops the napkin dispenser - but Kif catches it.]


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