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Futurama Comic 57.png
US Publish Number57
UK Publish Number(s)62
main comicJesse McCann
mini comicEric Rogers
main comicJohn Delaney
mini comicCarlos Valenti
Title captionLet off some steam, punks!
Published (US)28 September, 2011
Published (UK)9 February, 2012

Steampunk'd is the fifty-seventh comic issue, released 28 September, 2011 in the US.

The Story

Act I

Fry open his eyes and finds himself at Applied Cryogenics on midnight of 1999. He decides to play along, but when he falls from the chair he misses the tube. Instead a sentient space/time portal sends him to a steampunk version of England in 1899. Quickly meeting and becoming friends with a robot named Benderplate over an ale, Fry is brought to the offices of the Planet Posthaste delivery service. After introductions to the staff, Hermes enters and informs the staff that they are to take Lady Wong to the moon. Fry is surprised that they can sail to the moon in a steam powered dirigible, but Leela explains that they'll be using the express method instead. The ship is promptly fired from a cannon.

Act II

On the way to the moon, the HMS Nimbus hails them and Rear Admiral Zappdash Brannigan demands they surrender Lady Wong. The Nimbus leaves after being hit by the dark-matter canon. The crew escort their client to the kingdom of the moon men so she can acquire a business licence for one of her opium dens. Zappdash and Kif arrive to convince the moon men to licence Slurm instead. However when the moon men drink the Slurm, they become dragons and begin attacking. After watching helplessly as his friends die, Fry finds his way to the ship. In the ship a dragon grabs Fry, but reveals himself to be Scruffy in a costume. Ashton Kutcher's head appears to tell Fry that he's just been steampunk'd, this whole adventure was an elaborate hoax. Angry, Fry tries to kill Kutcher.

Additional Info


  • In light of the fact that there isn't such a thing as space air and that they are in a studio at the end, despite having been on the moon, it's likely that the entire story took place in the studio.
  • Benderplate's name is possibly a reference to Boilerplate, a fictional robot created by American artist Paul Guinan, that lived in the late 19th and early 20th century.
  • In the fake Steampunk universe, Planet Express is known as Planet Posthaste Delivery Service.


    Fry: So you know a lot of famous people?
    Bender: Indeed! I've got knife scrapes from Jack the Ripper and whacks from Lizzie Borden's axe. Behold! Mr. Oscar Wilde once bit my shiny metallic buttocks!

    Leela: You can't arrest my passenger... We're in international space air!

    Kif: [Singing.] Try robust Slurm! No other elixir can jinx it! So tantalizingly tasty, Queen Victoria drinks it! Calms your humours to ease your pain! A superior potion, because it's mostly... cocaaaine!

    Professor Farnsworth: Come along, come along! We can gawk at each other's posteriors later!

    Amy: Your excellency, I've come to request a boon...
    Zapp: Don't listen to her! Your kingliness, I've come for a bigger boon! A manly boon! And everyone knows you're a big man with big man-boons!

    [Hermes enters the room to find Zoidberg running around in pain due to his burning flesh.]
    Hermes: "sniff! sniff!" Sweet sandy beachcomber of Tacoma! Who's boiling lobster and didn't invite me?
    Zoidberg: Yoo-aaaaah! What you're smelling is my pain!

    The Space/Time Portal: Through space and time will I ferry you...
    Fry: Heh, heh!
    The Space/Time Portal: ...what?
    Fry: Then why aren't you called "The Space/Time Fairy"?
    The Space/Time Portal: You know why!

    Professor Farnsworth: Not to imply you're a nonsensical idiot, Mr. Fry, but stop talking nonsense, you idiot!

Alien Language Sightings

Page: 19
Location: Slurm vending machine
Language: AL1
Translation: DRINK


  • Once again, New Year's Eve 1999 is revisited.
  • Hermes' interest in marijuana has previously only been implied, this is the first time we've seen his "prize-winning herb garden".


  • "Steampunk'd", both the issue's tittle and the name of Kutcher's show, is a reference to steampunk and Punk'd.
  • The Slurm jingle sung by Kif alludes to Coca-Cola's past as an elixir containing cocaine.


  • The solicitation claims that Fry was frozen for 3000 years, rather than 1000.
  • Kif's name is misspelt as "Kiff" on page 11, but is later correct on page 19.
  • Steampunk Zoidberg's gloves are initially coloured like his claws.
  • The Conrad family's home is now pink, but has been repainted once before. More importantly; it doesn't seem to be inside a dome any more and now seems to be an apartment building on the inside despite looking like the same house from outside.
  • The deceased Free Waterfall, Jr. appears. However he has also appeared in Bender's Game since his demise.
  • It is unknown how the Steampunk'd crew accurately recreated the night Fry got frozen. Nibbler and Bender are the only ones who could know how it went, however, if Nibbler said anything they would find out about his secret mission and probably begin to question him, and Bender was there on the night he was frozen, [BBS] however, he was not there at the exact moment Fry fell into the Cryo-Tube. Even if he was, Bender was under the control of the Alien Scammers, meaning he was too busy trying to kill Fry to notice or remember the surroundings, and Bender does not usually remember past situations. The only other person who could possibly know how the night went is Professor Farnsworth, as he saw it in a What-if? scenario within a What-if? scenario in "Anthology of Interest I".

Special Features

  • Mini-Comic - Zoidberg Makes a House Call
    Zoidberg pushes Hermes to the Conrad family home in a hover chair. The human has two broken legs as a result of a failed attempt to kill the doctor. As LaBarbara and Dwight are away with her parents. Zoidberg is going to look after Hermes. After taking the TV remote's temperature, he eats all the food instead of making Hermes' dinner. After taking a quick bath, Zoidberg finds some plants to possibly make a salad with, but sets them on fire with a candle. Subsequently, as the smoke billows out onto the street, Hermes is arrested for contributing to the congregation of hippies in a public place.


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