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{{cultural mentions}}
{{cultural mentions}}
*The episode's title is a reference to the [[1943]] movie ''{{w|Lassie Come Home}}'', directed by {{w|Fred M. Wilcox}}.
*The episode's title is a reference to the [[1943]] movie ''{{w|Lassie Come Home}}'', directed by {{w|Fred M. Wilcox}}.
*A planet run by gangs could be a reference to the [[Star Trek]] episode "{{w|A Piece of the Action}}".
=== Quotes ===
=== Quotes ===

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Season 7 episode
Broadcast season 10 episode
Assie Come Home
Futurama Assie Come Home Bender's Eyes and Mouth in Trash.jpg
Promotional picture of Bender's eyes and mouth in a trash can, after his body is stolen by the crud gang. [1]
Production number7ACV21
Written byMaiya Williams
Directed byRaymie Muzquiz
First air date31 July, 2013
Broadcast numberS10E08
Title referenceThe 1943 film Lassie Come Home


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"Assie Come Home" is the one hundred and thirty-fifth episode of Futurama, the twenty-first of the seventh production season and the eighth of the tenth broadcast season. It aired on 31 July, 2013, on Comedy Central. Bender searches the universe for his missing shiny metal rear end.


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By 26 July, 2013, Comedy Central had released a two-minute preview clip featuring a fight between the crud gang and the blip gang. [2]

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    Fry: Uhm, Leela, remember when we were trying to guess what would happen if someone stuck a gun in my face and you said I'd probably crap my pants? Well...



(In alphabetic order)


(In alphabetic order)


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