Commentary:The Route of All Evil

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Commentary for
The Route of All Evil
The Route of All Evil.jpg
Production number3ACV12
On DVDSeason 3
Disc 2
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
Rich Moore
Supervising director
Dan Vebber
Brian Sheesley
John DiMaggio
Actor (Bender, misc.)
Billy West
Actor (Fry, the Professor, Zoidberg, misc.)
Maurice LaMarche
Actor (Horrible Gelatinous Blob, misc.)

Topics of Discussion

  • The commentary was recorded before the episode aired on television, due to the actor who played Dwight being in China for ten months. They had to wait for his return to re-record some lines.
  • It is possible to have a tiny black hole.
  • Dan, the writer, was a paperboy; this episode is a tribute to his father who helped him back then. Additionally he used to brew beer at home and the Futurama crew brew beer in the offices. The label of Bendërbrāu was designed for the office's beer.
    • They later question the legality of brewing in the office and decide it's okay because they didn't sell it.
  • Voice machines could eliminate the need for all but one voice actor.
  • Sound effect creation discussed.
  • A game was played where the viewer has to guess which of the actors (each doing a Zoidberg voice) was actually Billy West.
  • Maurice demonstrated the differences between the voices of Morbo, Lrrr and H.G. Blob.
  • The actors all love Dawnn's voice.
  • Dan apparently insisted on the barking dog during the fight scene.

Highlights / Quotes

  • Matt Groening: That was great beer.
    Unknown: It was pretty good.
    Matt Groening: The blindness was temporary.
  • Billy West: It's hard; you hit the wall after a while with incidentals, 'cause they're not good enough to be repeated per se.
    Maurice LaMarche: Are you saying for instance that, like, there's Lrrr and Morbo and Horrible Gelatinous Blob, are... that I hit the wall? Is that what you're saying?! Is that what you're saying!?!
    [Various people attempt to calm him down]
    Matt Groening: Here we go again.
    Maurice LaMarche: Those are each distinct and very separate characters.
  • David X. Cohen: I love that sound Bender makes whenever he hugs anything.
    John DiMaggio: [Bender hugging noises]
    Rich Moore: Will you stop hugging me now John?


  • Someone got a phone call, the person wasn't identified.