Commentary:A Farewell to Arms (standard commentary)

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Commentary for
A Farewell to Arms
Countdown to Futurama 2012 (video 2).png
Production number7ACV02
Recorded dateFive months before December 2012
On DVDSeason 7
Disc 1
Animators commentaryTranscript
Matt Groening
Executive producer
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
Josh Weinstein
Co-executive producer / writer
Billy West
Voice of Fry, the professor, Zoidberg, Nixon, Zapp Brannigan, Leo Wong, Singing Wind, Gus, Cowardman
John DiMaggio
Voice of Bender, Sal, Great Reveal-o
Maurice LaMarche
Voice of Kif, Dandy Jim, headless clone of Agnew
Peter Avanzino
Supervising director
Lee Supercinski