Transcript:A Farewell to Arms

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Transcript for
A Farewell to Arms
Written byJosh Weinstein
Transcribed bySanfazer
[Note: This transcript is based on the Countdown to Futurama post "The World Is Ending Again Clip" - of 8 May 2012.] [1]
[Scene: Outside the Planet Express headquarters. An infernal storm is taking place. A dramatic piece of music stops playing.]
[Cut to: The Planet Express conference room. Leela, Fry, Scruffy, Hermes, Amy, Zoidberg and Bender are standing around a Mayan-looking table - which, like the conference table, is round. Leela is on crutches.]

Hermes: Is it just me - or is the world endin' more often these days?

Amy: The calendar predicts fires, earthquakes, sharksplosions... [Amy points at three different spots on the table.] Then, it just ends!

[Amy shrugs and puts her hands on her face. Farnsworth inserts a plug coming from the screen in what appears to be a hot air balloon.]

Farnsworth: Exactly as the weather balloon foretold! Before Fry blew 'is pants outta the sky, it detected the onset of a catastrophic sunspot cycle. [Farnsworth turns on the screen - which begins showing the sun. The camera zooms in on it. A scary Alien piece of music begins playing and a solar flare appears. The windows are broken by the solar flare and the crew looks scared. Bender and Hermes scream.] It's starting! This is the end of the world!

[Farnsworth points up with his right hand.]
[Cut to: The street. People are running and screaming. Hovercars are crashing. The camera pans up. A building and a billboard are displaying the words "WORLD ENDING". A man is on a rooftop and a woman and another man are looking out their windows. A man in an apron screams as he falls down. The rooftop man jumps and also screams and the woman jumps out her window and holds on to the edge. The superhero from The Beast with a Billion Backs flies by and the scary Alien piece of music stops playing.]
[The superhero flies away and the woman falls off. A man in a suit holding a suitcase runs around a corner while speaking gibberish, throws the suitcase away, runs into Nine - who is holding a sign reading "THE END IS NEAR" - and shakes Nine. Nine looks angry as the man resumes running.]

Nine: Some of us were crazy before it was cool.


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