Transcript:A Farewell to Arms

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Transcript for
Fun on a Bun
Written byDan Vebber
Transcribed byRoboto63

[Note: This transcript is based on the Countdown to Futurama post "Wooly Mammoth Clip" - of 18 June 2012.][1]
[Scene: An ice-covered piece of land. The Planet Express ship is hovering over the area, emitting a violet beam.]
[Cut to: Within the ship. Bender is looking at a beeping radar. Fry is seated, wearing a chicken over his head.]

Fry: [drunkenly] I didn't know this ship had a mammoth detector.

Bender: You're drunk, Fry. This is the elephant detector. I just set it to "big and woolly". [The radar indicates that it has detected something.] Mammoth ahoy!
[Cut to: The ice-covered piece of land. The ship is hovering upright in place. Fry and Bender are sticking their heads out the window.]
<poem>Fry: Wow! Bender? I smell burning tusk.

Bender: That's probably it. Kill the engine!

[The engine stops. The ship hits the ground, landing on its side. Bender exits the ship and jumps into a hole. He gets out of the hole, pulling a rope over his shoulders. Attached to the rope is the body of a wooly mammoth.]


  1. ^ Matt Tobey (18 June 2012). Countdown to Futurama: Woolly Mammoth Clip. (Comedy Centrl [sic].) Retrieved on 19 June 2012.